Rates & Times

Entrance Fees

Bonus  Activities

Open Days and Times

P80.00 pp

Persons 1,25m and taller. Includes rides and swimming.

P65.00 pp

Persons shorter than 1,25m. Includes rides and swimming

P50.00 pp

Adults Only. No rides or swimming allowed.


Entrance includes Lion Viewing


The Gwazi Rollercoaster

Gwazi rides are included in the entrance fee. (Operating times are limited)

Discovery Centre

Free Entrance

Target Shooting

P21.00 pp

Paintball Games

Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tailored packages

Open from 10:00 till late


Open Every Thursday to Sunday


Open on all Public Holidays


Open from Tuesday to Sunday during Summer and Easter Holidays


The Lion Park Resort is available 7 days a week for Functions and Corporate Events.

No Sweets, Crips or Beverages are allowed into the Lion Park Resort.
Food is allowed, at a charge of P60.00 per 24l Food Basket or any part there off.

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